I grew up loving cartoons. I can remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was young. My before school routine wasn’t complete without Beast Wars and Biker Mice from Mars. Beast Wars is still one of my favorite shows, animated or not. (Dinobot is amazing 😍 )

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but then I discovered anime. And my life changed forever. When my mom finally let me have a tv in my room I probably watched it a little too much. I’m sure a lot of adults can say that. I would stay up at night and channel surf, not really watching anything in particular. Animation caught my eye on the sci-fi channel (as it was called then) and I stopped to watch. I had never seen anything like it, although I can’t remember now what the actual anime was that I saw. I was hooked immediately. I would search for more anime on tv. I loved it.

Sci-fi would play Captain Harlock and Speed Racer and anime movies that I should not have been watching as a junior high student. They played unedited Fist of the North Star. I shouldn’t watch, but I did.

Around the same time anime was picking up in popularity and Cartoon Network starting getting into the game. Toonami was everything to me. I would run home, literally run home so I could be home in time to watch. And when they started playing Dragonball Z, I was obsessed. I read all the mangas, I found every bit of information I could on the internet, I read fan fiction. I even had a very big binder full of printed out fan fiction, fan art, trivia, and anything else I liked. Even drawings I had made myself. Even today, over 15 years later, I still love DBZ. (Vegeta forever!)

So when I started going to conventions, of course I’m going to jump head first into cosplay. I love cosplaying. It’s fun. It’s like an escape. I can be someone else for a while and I like when people like what I create. The problem I have is it can be expensive.  And when your making minimum wage you have to improvise. So my answer to the expense was to thrift as much as I could. And it’s not as difficult as you would think. So I’m here to show the thought process and how to put together outfits and cosplay for cons. I’ve got a few years of conventions behind me so I’ll start at the beginning and work my way up to the present.

I hope that the costumes I put together can inspire people to be creative and enjoy cosplaying without breaking the bank. I find it to be great fun and hopefully you will too!


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